I’m back!

IMG_3577So it’s been a bit of a while since I tapped my keyboard for this “blog”. But here I am!

Life has been full of adventures since I left Europe again in search of unconventional living and freedom of the hills.

After selling my soul for the corporate world one last time in Luxembourg, I saved up enough to make a move again. This time to cross the Atlantic for a country that was raved a lot about in New Zealand- Canada. Where the mountains are higher and the wilderness wilder.

I actually had no clue where to go to Canada. Which is kinda silly, cause it’s you know- the second biggest country in the world. All I knew was- I wanted to be in the mountains. So West Coast, Best Coat it was, baby.

But the pressure I felt in Europe from the loved ones “to get my shit together”, made me ditch my initial plan to buy a van and become a dirtbag. So I decided to look for a job from Latvia and I succeeded. Promising myself the dirtbag life as a reward later.

It was really a lazy way to find a home base for the duration of my working holiday visa. And in all fairness, I too was craving for some stability and just getting better at something for a bit. Whaaaat?

I will always love travelling, but there are things you sacrifice when vagabonding a bit too long. And travelling too has diminishing returns.

So I ended up in the Canadian mecca for climbing. A town named Squamish and sometimes claimed to be the “adventure capital” of the country.

It has nothing to do with the vibe of Queenstown in New Zealand. For that kind of travel other young backpackers, especially ozzies pass by Squamish to reach the famous skiing town of Whistler, just 40 minutes away. Most don’t even stop for a coffee in Squamish.

But this town is a gem that is being discovered by the nearby outdoorsy Vancouverites, internationals and other Canadians quickly. Squamish has seen rapid growth for better or worse. And there are no signs that’s gonna stop any time soon.

Fresh from Europe, Squamish was not a love-at-first sight for me though. I like old and beautiful architecture, and the huge Mcdonalds in the middle of this stretched out town, really put me off. But I came for an adventure in the New World. And of course eventually Squamish revealed it’s hippy side to me.

So I’m here for almost 2 years now. I’ve barley seen the rest of the country and I’m always reluctant to leave this town. So untypical of me.

I’ve become a multi-pitch TRAD climber here. I’ve done backcountry skiing. I’ve tried kiteboarding and I’ve rappelled down waterfalls. I’m high on life here, without the use of my luggage.

My backyard is my most favourite playground now. I’m in love with the place and its people for the first time since a very long time. And my itchy feet seem to be ok with that.  At least for now.

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