I tried to run away from people and then they came to the rescue in a heli

So I got a job in Arthur’s Pass. All I knew is that it was a village of 30 people with one random cafe and a bar. As well as the coldest, rainiest and highest settlement in New Zealand. Yeaaay.

I wasn’t sure if I made the right decision. Should I have stayed in Wanaka? Fight for a job with Vikki? Have a bit of a..social life?

Pff.I was tiiired. Tired of moving around. Tired of having the same travelers’ small talk. Which is basically people secretly measuring each other’s travel plans and past experiences, hiding the  fear-of-missing-out and justifying the decisions already taken. Myself included.

Or I just I enjoy solitude more than I dare to admit. Boom. There. Ok, I  said it. So off I went to the mountains!

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